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Ok. Here comes the part where I make myself more likeable.
(As if that's even possible.)

Just kidding, it is not. Anyway, storytime.

Having worked for almost 5 years as an IT manager and engineer at Hewlett Packard, Nokia, and UOP, I finally gave in to my true passion — sitting at home with a laptop.

Or almost like that.

Six years ago, I started writing blogs for a couple of companies that I worked with, and pretty soon, I realized that there’s more to writing on the Internet than I had ever known. Luckily, my IT background came in handy — I was able to dissect even the most complex [read: boring] topics into something people actually wanted to read. At last, these Microsoft certificates paid off! [nope].

Fast forward a couple of marketing wins, and I was offered a blog editor position. That’s how my career in digital marketing was officially launched.

With this great responsibility came the great realization: I observed just how powerful a holistic approach to content marketing can be.  In fact, I believe strategic content marketing can shape companies’ future — I saw that within my own GA reports. [smooth, right?]

Years went by, and now I’ve worked with amazing companies such as Icons8, Enhancv, CircuitStream, Geekbot, Follow Up Boss, and many others. I helped them bring in leads and revenue through inbound content marketing and innovative, KPI-driven content.

But most importantly, I helped them attract thousands of lifelong fans of their business.

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