Step 1. Find keywords that benefit your client.

In this case, the client has recently released graphics editing software. A pool of relevant keywords was found:

Step 2. Identify low-hanging fruits

For example, hot leads and medium-difficulty high traffic keywords.

Free drawing software (search volume: 19,000; keyword difficulty: 41%)
Free vector software (search volume: 2,800; keyword difficulty: 74%)

Step 3: Form a cluster of adjacent keywords

TopVisor service was used for that:

Step 4: Write two well-researched articles

Carefully distributing keywords & following the skyscraper technique (in short: write better than your competition)

Best Free Drawing Software: Five Candidates
Free Vector Software: Best Editor and Drawing Tools

Step 5. Perform website cross-link optimization

Also initial backlink gathering (e-mails, digests, cross-posting).

Step 6. Watch rankings go up

The second article needs a better backlink profile to compete with Inkscape & Techradar for the 2nd & 3rd place.

Monthly traffic up to this day:


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