There was this one article that my client wrote in 2013. Back then it went viral on a major tech forum:

150,000 views. The only thing is, it was written not in English. So naturally, there was a decision to translate it. And so it was. The translated version gathered around 10,000 views and was even featured by Smashing Mag. What else can you do here?

Turns out, you can. And I was given a task to release the 3rd edition on the same topic. Why was I given a task like this? I don’t know. You can milk the same topic for only so many times. Not mentioning if you’re milking it for the same audience.

My only option was to scale the operation. I found that the original article lacked two things: authoritative quotes & the scale of the problem. In other words, the target audience could be bigger and we needed some quality referrals.

So we added both. The article was repurposed for a bigger audience, and now we could promote it not exclusively within the design community. We got quotes from European airlines to make the article more reputable.

Quotes are especially powerful when you’re tackling the industry you have no prior connection to.

The article was rewritten to cover travel and logistics problems. There was also less focus on design topics such as usability and more focun on general pains of air travelers. And it worked.

At my client’s blog, the article gathered around 20,000 views, however, it’s big break was on LinkedIn, including features on LinkedIn Pulse and multiple travel publications.

It also earned great feedback from the community:

I am still not sure whether it’s a good practice to recycle content that many times. If, however, you decide to do it, make sure there’s an added value at each step.

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